Meet the young Warwick brothers who used lockdown to start their own sweet business

They are now looking at doing new items such as wedding favours

Monday, 12th April 2021, 11:14 am

Two young brothers from Warwick have used the various lockdowns to help start their own sweet business which they are also using to support a Hatton-based charity.

Harry Powell, aged nine, and Finley Powell, aged seven, have created their business called 'The Sweet Kids', which is currently on Facebook.

When asked why they started their own business they said: "We thought it would be fun and we wanted to make some money."

Finley and Harry Powell have created a business called 'The Sweet Kids'. Photo supplied

The pair are also supporting charity with their venture.

Jo Powell, Harry and Finley's mum, said: "They started ’trading’ at the beginning of March with the launch of their Easter letterbox treats.

"They designed these so they could be posted to family and friends for Easter as we were still in a lockdown.

"But they have been working on the idea of the business since December 2020.

Finley and Harry Powell have created a business called 'The Sweet Kids'. Photo supplied

"They came up with their own name ’The Sweet Kids’, after looking to make sure no one else was using this name, as far as they could see.

"They came up with so many different names and they loved working together to find the right name. I said its a great name as they are selling sweet things and they are also sweet kids as they are donating to charity as part of it.

"They were passionate about donating money to charity as part of their business and they worked out how much they would like to donate.

"Harry was really keen that Molly Olly's Wishes was the charity they donated to. They have learnt about this charity through school and their fundraising and they both wanted to do something special for other kids."

Harry and Finley say they want to keep going with their business and also want to continue helping Molly Olly's Wishes.

They said: “It's fun having our own business and we get to practise before we are older and have a grown up business. Next we want to sell sweet cones and sweets for weddings."

Jo added: "It has been great to see them learning so much from setting up and running their own business.

"They have worked so hard and taken responsibility for everything and they have shown determination and resilience.

"It's also been great to see them applying everything they learn at school to a real life situation for example they have had to use their maths skills in their stock takes, working out cost of sale and how much to donate to Molly Olly’s wishes. "

To look at 'The Sweet Kids' range and to place an order go to: or alternatively call 077923 72962.