Leamington school pupils and musician team up to create anthem for anti-litter campaign

Anti-litter campaign Now or Never now has its own anthem thanks to the work of North Leamington School pupils in collaboration with musician from the town.

Tuesday, 16th July 2019, 10:43 am
The NLS Pop Choir

Now or Never, for which the Leamington Courier is a partner and which is being lead by Clean Up Britain, is a behavioural change campaign

working to tackle littering behaviour

It teamed up with members of the school’s pop choir and musician Wes Finch of The Mechanicals and The Doc Emmett Brown Trio to create the song.

The NLS Pop Choir

Steve Noakes a music teacher at North Leamington School, said: “The NLS Pop Choir had a wonderful time recording for the Now Or Never campaign song.

“The pupils have fully bought in to the message of the song and gave it their all during the recording process.

“They are all now very excited to hear themselves on the finished product.”

Wes added: “I was asked to come in on the project as a songwriter and jumped at the chance to put some creative energy into a project that really rings a bell with me.

Wes Finch

“As a lover of nature and the parks and woodland around Leamington, littering really gets my goat.

“I think we all need to recognise that in today’s world there’s a need to be responsible with what we use and consume.

“Take care of your waste and everyone benefits.

“All this plastic isn’t going anywhere.”

Ange Owen, of Clean Up Britain, said: “This project is so much fun.

“Getting creative through music and art is a great way to explore the issue of litter, start the discussion and change behaviour.

“I’ve been awestruck by the talent of the students and it’s a privilege to have Wes on board.

“We really hope you like it and it inspires you to join the movement.

“The Now Or Never campaign is working hard to stop littering behaviour in Leamington and beyond so that one day litter will be something of a murky and polluted past.

“We want Leamington to be a centre of litter education and research into littering behaviour - the Gold Standard for clean towns.

"We want this to spread out into neighbouring areas too.”