Leamington man appeals for help to launch campaign to tackle the issue of dog poo bags being dumped in parks and other public spaces in and around town

A Leamington man is appealing for help to reduce the amount of dog poo bags that he sees being left around the paths and green spaces he uses in and around the town.

Tuesday, 23rd March 2021, 3:09 pm
Updated Tuesday, 23rd March 2021, 3:10 pm
Leamington man Alan Collins wants to launch a campaign to stop people dumping and using non-biodegradable dog poo bags.

Avid dog walker Alan Collins says he wants to put a stop to people leaving the bags strewn around and left on bushes and wants more people to use biodegradable bags to clean up and dispose of their pet's poo.

He said he would even make cleaning the bags up a full time job if he was supported in doing so and wants anybody who thinks they can help to get in touch with him.

Alan said: "I am passionate about this issue and feel it needs to be resolved.

Alan wants waste bins, such as this one used for the disposal of dog poo bags, emptied more regularly to stop them from overflowing.

"This is getting out of hand.

"Everywhere I walk, whether it is out in the countryside, around the town, through parks where there are children playing or along canals I see these bags lying around. It has become a big problem which needs to be kept under control.

"We all love our dogs but need to take some responsibility.

"This is about protecting our environment."

Alan has even taken to carrying a potting tool around with him so he can bury his dog's poo under ground.

He says he wants waste bins where the bags can be disposed off to be emptied more regularly to stop them from overflowing.

And he has applied for grants with the hope that he might even be able to get a van so he can clean up the bags more regularly

If you think you can help Alan, email [email protected]