Leamington couple launch social football betting app which moves away from 'harder stigmatist gambling'

Self-proclaimed 'IT geeks' Matt and Tash Nunn's Soccer Pots app allows players to gamble 'risk-free' among their friends by creating and running their own leagues, picking the football matches they want to pick and betting against only the players they want to bet against

Thursday, 24th June 2021, 4:55 pm

A Leamington couple have launched a new football betting app which allows players to gamble 'risk-free' among their friends.

Matt and Tash Nunn's SoccerPots app combines their experience as "professional IT geeks" - who happen to love football.

Matt said the idea came from paper-based syndicates, which lots of people play either at home, at work or with football friends.

Tash and Matt of SoccerPots.

He said: "We used to have one at work.

"However, this had lots of drawbacks.

"The fixtures had to be found by hand, the sheet - along with everyone’s predictions - is always getting lost, the cash, sometimes up to £1,000, is locked away in somebody's desk draw and people who were not at work couldn’t always get their prediction down on the sheet.

"The process could take a full week to get everybody’s predictions in for the weekend.

"As well getting some decent pots going, it was exciting to see what your mates had put down for ‘their’ team or if someone managed to get them all wrong and really added to the office banter - especially when the pots grew.

"One day Tash said to me ‘Why can’t you do your works football thing on an app?' and the idea was born.

"As we were both in IT we knew that this concept could translate to an app successfully.

"I spent around two years in the evenings and weekends designing, investigating, specifying and documenting the functionality and legalities.

"SoccerPots was awarded its gambling licence in February 2020 and we took the design to a local app company Image + of Coventry who built our vision.

"We successfully launched January this year and have been receiving some excellent feedback from our users via the iOS and Android app stores."

Matt said SoccerPots is not about the 'harder stigmatist gambling' and is very easy to play.

He said: "The bets are all risk-free, as you can only win what’s in the pot and will only ever cost the entry stake.

"SoccerPots has moved away from the harder gambling establishments which allow players to ‘chase losses'.

"The bets are fully social, fully transparent to all players and, most importantly. introduce an element on comradery which is not found with your traditional betting house.

"Players can use the app privately by creating and running their own leagues, picking the football matches they want to pick and betting against only the players they want to bet against.

"The players all compete for a pot of money, which is created from player's stakes.

"Players can also join in the various public leagues, which offer bigger pots and the chance to complete against the SoccerPots community.

"We have SoccerPots leagues with families, with sports bars and football clubs but our biggest customers are corporate and business where the office football syndicate has had to move online because of the Covid pandemic - as its not possible to be in the office anymore to collect predictions and cash by gong desk to desk.

"SoccerPots has allowed this office banter to continue."