Leamington author's 'Covid novel' tells the bleak tale of a woman's life and a dangerous journey in the future after a devastating global pandemic

Steve Attridge started writing 'Sometimes I Disappear' on the first day of lockdown in March 2020 and completed the sci-fi thriller six months later

Thursday, 9th September 2021, 2:38 pm
Updated Thursday, 9th September 2021, 6:20 pm
Steve Attridge with his novel Sometimes I Disappear.

A Leamington author says his latest work of fiction could be 'possibly the first Covid novel'.

Steve Attridge started writing 'Sometimes I Disappear' on the first day of lockdown in March last year and took just six months to complete the sci-fi novel.

It tells the story of a woman named Ali who lives on the now-devastated Norfolk coast with her Dad in 2040 and whose child and husband were brutally murdered.

She sometimes descends into a dream-like state, has no memory afterwards of what she has done and the consequences are sometimes horrendous.

She sets off on a dangerous journey of revenge when she discovers that the apparent haven Arcadia in the Mediterranean, where she sends her father, turns out to be a con.

Steve said: "It's possibly the first Covid novel. I started writing it on the first day of lockdown, finished it in six months and it has now been published by Wild Wolf Books.

"It asks 'what does it take to remain human in a post0-virus, barren and violent world?'"

"It also questions the truth about Coronavirus, its many variants and asks what is really happening in the world?

"How could society fail so totally? Ali is about to find out.

"What she thought she wanted was revenge and mayhem, but what she really wanted was far more dangerous and complicated - Redemption.

"It is a quest for truth into the heart of darkness in a ruined world which becomes a desperate run for survival.

"A picture of the future writ large."

The book can be bought from Amazon https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B097HLRMKK