Former Kenilworth chef to run Berlin Marathon for charity

A former Kenilworth chef will run the Berlin Marathon this weekend as part of a fundraising effort to help underprivileged children.

Thursday, 26th September 2019, 5:02 pm
Paul Spence

Paul David Spence, who formerly served as a chef for two restaurants in Kenilworth, will run in the Berlin Marathon on Sunday September 29.

Paul said: “I’ve been doing endurance events every year for 15 years from half marathons, to full marathons, double marathons and even a marathon over Mount Snowdon to help raise money for different charities across England.”

Paul also ran the New York City marathon in November 2017.

Talking about this year’s challenge Paul said: “This year I’m doing the Berlin Marathon for Save the Children UK to help raise funds for less privileged children to reach their full potential and have a better life.”

“I’ve always tried to choose charities with a focus on health, and Save the Children aims to provide a better life for children around the world.”

Paul formerly served as a chef at The Cross in Kenilworth from 2008 to 2010 and later worked as a chef at Pomeroys from 2012 to 2017.

He added: “I had to put cheffing on hold as I had a nervous breakdown last year, which put a halt on life in general.

“So me doing this marathon is a kind of big deal to me as I’m not match fit, or as fit as I’d like to be.”

Paul, who is from Burton Green, now works at the Steve Crowe and Son Butchers in Whitemoor Road in Kenilworth.

He added: “I keep myself fit in general as it is so important to me and keeping my head in a good place. The training for the marathon has helped me mentally as I have something to focus on.”

Paul chose the Berlin Marathon as he originally wanted to do the four big marathons, the NYC Marathon, the Berlin Marathon, the London Marathon and the Tokyo Marathon but Paul found that the London and Tokyo marathons very hard to get into.

Speaking about the marathon, Paul added: “I took up kickboxing this year and that has helped my mental health amazingly.

“It’s important for me to do this final marathon as I really like to set goals and achieve on all aspects of life. Life isn’t easy and you sometimes have to work very hard to reap the rewards.”

Paul set up a fundraising page to raise the money for Save the Children UK.

Paul recently reached his £850 target.

He is also now raising money for his friend, Henry, who needs treatment for a brain tumour.

Henry, who lives in Swanage, was diagnosed with a brain tumour in December 2014 and only given 16 months to live.

His friend’s family found treatment outside the NHS in India, but that treatment no longer works. He continues to need funds for new treatments. To donate to Henry’s treatment campaign go to: