Couple who have spent many years volunteering in the Woodloes community celebrate diamond wedding anniversary

They have lived in the area more than 40 years and described it as a 'caring community'

Wednesday, 24th March 2021, 3:47 pm
Updated Wednesday, 24th March 2021, 3:50 pm
Brenda and Paul Murran are celebrating their diamond wedding anniversary on March 25. Photo supplied

A couple who have lives on the Woodloes in Warwick for more than 40 years are celebrating their diamond wedding anniversary this week.

Paul and Brenda Murran, who are now both in their 80s, moved to the estate in 1979 from Portsmouth and both have a long history of volunteering in the community.

This includes charities, community groups such as Cubs, the Beauchamp House hostel, Sunday schools and prison visiting.

Paul and Brenda Murran on their wedding day. Photo supplied

Paul was also chaplain to the emergency services in Warwick and they were both governors at Coten End Primary School and both worked at Mid Warwickshire College.

The couple will be celebrating 60 years of marriage on Thursday (March 25).

They were due to have a party to celebrate but the pandemic has delayed these plans.

Brenda said: "This year we were due to be celebrating my daughter Ruth's silver wedding anniversary and our diamond wedding anniversary and we thought we could have a get together for that but now we will have to wait a bit for that."

Speaking about her and Paul's marriage, Brenda said: "We just get on very well together and it's been a great time.

"We have had our ups and downs - but we really have had a great life together and it has been great."

Brenda also says the Woodloes has a great community.

"When first came here, we didn't want to live on the new estate when we moved from Portsmouth but we made really good friends and met a really great group of people and we get together when we can in the pub here and we have a club called 'Tea for you' where we have speakers and activities and tea and cake.

"They have been looking after us and seeing how we are during lockdown - it is a very caring community.

"Someone from the group even gave us flowers for our anniversary which is very nice."