Award winning screenwriter Andrew Davies shows support for Kenilworth's outdoor pool

Screenwriter Andrew Davies has pledged his support for the Kenilworth Lido Campaign Group's effort to save the town's outdoor swimming pool.

Wednesday, 10th July 2019, 6:54 pm
Kenilworth's outdoor lido pool in Abbey Fields

The Kenilworth Lido Campaign Group is awaiting further developments following Warwick District Council’s commitment after the local elections to review the plans for development in Abbey Fields.

The group continues its campaign for a new 25-metre outdoor swimming pool alongside a refurbished indoor pool. The group has been working to halt the district council's decision to close the outdoor pool by September.

In the absence of any news the group will attend the next Kenilworth Town Council meeting on Thursday August 1, and will table a question to ascertain what is currently happening to check that the council are in fact keeping to their commitment.

Andrew Davies

The group has received the support of screenwriter and local resident Andrew Davies best known for House of Cards and A Very Peculiar Practice.

In an email to the campaign group he said: “The open air pool is one of the things that makes Kenilworth special. We first went there with our children 50 years ago.

"I cannot believe the council wants to close it. Who wants to swim indoors when the sun is shining? I heartily support the campaign for Kenilworth’s Lido."

For further information about the work of the Kenilworth Lido Campaign Group and how you could become involved, please visit