Oyez! Oyez! Can you take over as Warwick town crier?

Graham Sutherland at Warwick School
Graham Sutherland at Warwick School

After 28 years in the job, Warwick’s town crier Graham Sutherland has decided the time has come to ring the changes.

Graham, who also serves as the town’s beadle, looking after the mayor and keeping order at council meetings, says: “I’m going to officially give up my two roles on the last stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve.

“Although I will stay on the Court Leet and keep my other job as the official ale taster!”

Traditionally, a town crier passed on news of what was happening in a place before there were newspapers - or in any event before most of the population could read.

There is a modest stipend paid annually for taking on town crying - although candidates do need a strong pair of lungs and the ability to stand for long periods of time during ceremonial proceedings.

Graham, at the age of 72, says he doesn’t mind the walking in procession but all the standing around has more effect on his arthritis these days.

He said: “I live in the town with my wife Mo and it’s been a great 28 years during which I’ve represented Warwick at Fort Worth in America and in competitions in Australia.

“I’ve particular enjoyed the freedom of the town and county marches with the fusiliers and the soldiers from Kineton and making the annual visit to Warwick School to announce the extra half-term holiday.”

Anyone interested in taking over from Graham as town crier and beadle can discuss the position with town clerk Derek Madulin on 411694.