Number of Warwickshire burglaries drop by 42 per cent for month of November

The number of home burglaries across Warwickshire has dropped significantly over the past year.

There was a 42 per cent decrease in house burglaries with 98 fewer households having property stolen from them when comparing the month of November 2018 and November 2019.

Detective Inspector Nailor from Warwickshire Police said: “We know the impacts burglary can have on our local communities, and we’re really happy to see we’ve had a reduction in these offences.

"However, every burglary is one too many and our work is ongoing to try and bring these numbers down even further.

“So far this year we’ve seen significant reductions in house burglaries right across the county, with a 20 per cent reduction in the last six months, compared to last year.

“Throughout the county, and by working with other forces, we have dedicated teams who investigate house burglaries and focus on targeting known burglary hot spots and offenders.

“Working with our local communities to tackle crime is paramount and we continue to urge people to come forward and report any concerns they have to us, whether it is suspicious activity or something out of the ordinary, if they report it we can take action.

"The information we receive from local residents helps us build a picture of what is happening in our local communities and allows us to take action to prevent further crime.”

To report concerns to police call 101 or alternatively information can be reported Crime Stoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Over the Christmas period, officers will be doing regular patrols but they are also reminding communities of key security advice to help keep homes safe:



• A well-lit home gives the impression someone is in. Use timer switches to turn lights on when you are out.

• Save energy and money with low-energy light bulbs.

• Lock windows and doors and keep gates and side entrances well secured.

• Keep cars locked and remove any valuable items from display.

• If you can, park your car somewhere that is well lit rather than a secluded street.

• If you have a burglar alarm, make sure you set it when you go out and before you go to bed.

• Don’t leave car keys or valuables near windows, doors or letterboxes, where burglars can reach through to steal them.

• Lock your garden gates and side entrances. Don’t leave tools lying around in the garden that could be used to break in to your home.

• Invest in external lighting.

For more crime prevention advice visit the crime and safety pages on the Warwickshire Police website: