New support for people with fibromyalgia in south Warwickshire

Fiona Adams is encouraging people with fibromyalgia to join her support group.
Fiona Adams is encouraging people with fibromyalgia to join her support group.

Support for people in south Warwickshire with fibromyalgia is now available, thanks to the efforts of a reflexologist who was diagnosed with the condition last year.

Fiona Adams, who lives in Warwick, did not know much about the condition - which causes pain and stiffness in muscles, ligaments and tendons - when she was diagnosed in June. And when she looked for a support group in the area, she was surprised to find that nothing existed.

So the 37-year-old set up a Facebook page called ‘Fibrofriends Leamington’ and within a few days, more than 40 people were following it. Fiona said: “I get chronic pains in my arms, shoulders and legs and sometimes I get restless leg syndrome, sometimes I forget things and a lot of the time my head is foggy. I am on a lot of medication.

“For a lot of people, medication does not work. There are people who manage on two to three house of sleep a night.”

And there are many people, says Fiona, for whom the condition is so bad that they cannot work and do not feel like leaving their home. She said: “A lot of people have depression, anxiety and panic attacks and some of them dare not come out.”

Having held its first meeting in December, Fiona has now established Fibrofriends as a support group for south Warwickshire and is now hosting monthly meetings, with both an evening and day-time option. She said: “I am now finding out what people want. I thought about setting up hydrotherapy sessions and I would like to organise social trips out.

“I am happy to go to people’s homes to speak to them one-to-one if they prefer. It’s nice to chat to people who are experiencing the same thing.”

The next meeting takes place at the Hungry Horse in Poseidon Way, Leamington, on February 11 at 7.30pm. To find out more, search for ‘fibrofriends Leamington’ on Facebook, call Fiona on 07778 766594 or email