New plans for bridge in Warwick

St Nicholas' Park.
St Nicholas' Park.

A new footbridge bridge could be built to encourage more cycling and walking in Warwick.

Plans have been proposed to build a bridge over the River Avon at St Nicholas Park and Myton School.

It is thought that the new bridge could encourage more people to walk and cycle to and from Warwick town centre.

The informal plans have come about after greater emphasis has been given to improving air quality, improving routes for pedestrians and cyclists and enhancing the visitor experience in Warwick.

According to the proposals, which will be put before Warwick District Council’s Executive on February 8, a bridge that would join Myton Fields to St Nicholas Park could help create sustainable travel links between the town centre, schools along Myton Road and any current and new housing south of Warwick.

Following discussions between officers and the district and county councils, there was an investigation into how much a potential new bridge could cost.

It has been estimated that a ‘relatively standard’ bridge would cost around £2million.

However, in the report set to be put before councillors, it also says that to keep with the heritage settings of the area the bridge is likely to cost more.

Council officers also compared similar bridges in other areas of the country, one being over the River Avon in Stratford, which was looked at in 2006 and was estimated to exceed £3 million.

After comparisons it is thought that a bridge, which is designed to keep in character with the area in Warwick, could cost up to £4million.

The report will be submitted to the executive in the hopes that they will authorise officers to do feasibility work to assess the cost and viability of the bridge.

It has also been proposed to explore potential improvements to the car park at Myton Fields, which is currently seasonal.

It is thought that if the new bridge went ahead that there would be an increase in footfall around that area and that opening the car park throughout the whole year instead of seasonally could be an option.

The report also says that opening the car park year-round “would also have the advantage of further mitigating the potential for parking issues generated by the enhanced leisure centre in St Nicholas Park”.

The report estimates that the feasibility work into both the bridge and the car park would coast around £60,000.

Warwick District Council’s Executive will decide whether to authorise the feasibility study into the bridge and car park on Wednesday.