New medical centre for Warwick - latest

The old police station at the edge of Priory Park
The old police station at the edge of Priory Park

A gap in NHS funding has led to the delay in the redevelopment of the old police station in Warwick, which is set to be bulldozed.

The national Dudley Taylor Pharmacy chain, which is based on the town’s Wedgnock Industrict Estate, bought the old station house in Priory Road in 2012.

The following year the police’s remaining Safer Neighbourhood Community team moved out to nearby Cape Road.

At the time Dudley Taylor’s company secretary Christopher Taylor, who owns the business with his co-director brother Michael, said they hoped to build a new medical centre for Warwick.

But the building has stood empty for the past two years.

Mr Taylor explained: “We remain extremely keen to demolish the existing building and replace this with a state-of-the-art medical centre which will provide enlarged medical facilities for the town.

“Unfortunately, there has been a substantial gap obtaining NHS funding, although the situation is rapidly improving.

“This has caused delays moving the project forward. What we would like to do in the meantime, therefore, is demolish the existing building and re-landscape the area in readiness for the appropriate approvals for the medical centre.”

Following talks with planning officers an application for demolition is due to be considered by Warwick District Council on June 13.

No recommendation has so far been made by council officers to the committee but all requested bat and tree surveys have now been carried out.

In recent months several members of the Warwick Society have complained about the prominent site looking neglected.

If permission to demolish the building is granted the whole site will be surrounded by high wooden panel fencing while the work proceeds.

Dudley Taylor Pharmacies Ltd dates back to 1948 and has some 60 chemist shops throughout England and Wales.