MPs support air strikes in Syria after Parliamentary debate

MPs debate the motion in the House of Commons
MPs debate the motion in the House of Commons

MPs, Chris White and Jeremy Wright voted in favour of air strikes in Syria following a 10 hour debate in the House of Commons.

Members from all parties overwhelmingly backed UK air strikes against the Islamic State - voting 397 to 223 after an 10-hour House of Commons debate.

MPs debate the motion in the House of Commons

MPs debate the motion in the House of Commons

Britain has now joined France, the US and Russia in bombing targets in Syria when troops flew out from RAF bases in Cyprus on Thursday.

Chris White, MP for Warwick and Leamington voted in favour of action against extremist group, ISIL in Syria, despite saying no to a similar move in 2012.

Speaking about the decision ahead of the vote, the Conservative MP said: “There is a clear threat to our national security from ISIL.

“They have attacked Ankara, Beirut and Paris in recent months and have repeatedly tried to attack us here in Britain.

MP Chris White

MP Chris White

“There have been seven attempted terror attacks in Britain the last year alone and ISIL has been behind more than 40 terror attacks around the world during the same period.

“I believe that we must be responsible for our own security and not allow our allies, who have asked for our help, to shoulder this burden.

“Today we acknowledge the direct threat which ISIL poses to our country.

“The vote clearly sanctions air strikes, but only as a part of a comprehensive strategy to bring peace and stability to Syria.

“I believe that the motion encompasses a broad response to this very real threat to our security.”

The motion sets out that MPs support military intervention as only one component of a broader strategy to bring peace and stability to Syria.

If support is gained from members from all parties, subsequent air strikes will target ISIL headquarters in Raqqa in Syria, where ISIL plans and orchestrates its activities.

Bombing missions are likely to begin within days if the Commons delivers the yes vote being promoted by Prime Minister, David Cameron.

Kenilworth and Sutham MP, Jeremy Wright also voted with his party in favour of military action - but has previously spoken of the need to look at all aspects of the threat of terror in our own country.

The Conservative MP, who also sits as Attorney General, said: “ISIL attack us not because of what we have done, but because of who we are.

“We cannot therefore appease them, even if we tried, and we shouldn’t.

“We cannot ignore the large numbers of young men and young women brought up in the UK whose minds have become so poisoned that they not only go to Syria to fight for a perverted vision of Islam, but are prepared to come home to fight the society they grew up in.

“That makes this not just an external conflict but also an internal challenge and until we address radicalisation in our own communities, no amount of drone strikes alone will win this war.”

Mr White did not support a motion on air strikes back in 2013 when Parliament last voted to consider the action in Syria.

Prime Minister, David Cameron told members on Wednesday that there was “honour in voting for, and honour in voting against” the motion.

He said: “This is about how we fight terrorism, not if we fight terrorism.”