More than 8,000 people turn out for Kenilworth Bonfire night celebration

Bonfire Night and fireworks event hosted by the Kenilworth Round Table '(photo by Steven Barnett)
Bonfire Night and fireworks event hosted by the Kenilworth Round Table '(photo by Steven Barnett)

The wet windy weather over the weekend did not keep people away from celebrating bonfire night at the annual Bonfire Extravaganza at Kenilworth Castle.

The Kenilworth Round Table hosted event introduced several new features including changes to the lighting and music. The event was based around a theme of the Apollo missions – 'It’s been 50 years since we took our first steps on the moon.'

As well as the entertainment there was a range of food and drinks available across the field from a number of tents and stalls.

Tom Shearer, the bonfire chair, said: "This year was really hard due to the weather in the run up to the event.

"However, we’ve managed with worse weather before, and the 8,500 strong crowd seemed to love the music and the fireworks. (Not everyone loved the music, but you can’t please everyone all of the time, even if you really want to).

"The money we’ve raised this weekend really will change lives of some of the people around us."

Organisers of the event thanked volunteers from several organisations for their help with the event, which included the Kenilworth Ladies Circle, The Kenilworth Lions Club, the 41 Club, Tangent, Rugby Dads and the Warwick University Rag.

The event raises funds for local charities in and around Kenilworth. Last year the event raised around £30,000. Organisers are still calculating how much was raised during the 2019 event.

The Kenilworth fireworks event was also listed as the No. 2 best place for fireworks on the Camping & Caravan Club UK top 10 fireworks for 2019.

Tom added: "Many thanks to all of the residents for their support over the 32 years we’ve been running the show."