More people report UFOs over town

More sightings have been reported of glowing UFOs flying above Warwick.

Last week 19-year-old Owen Lloyd and his girlfriend Ashleigh Bishop described how the bright lights appeared above the Woodloes estate on November 15, seeming to float in formation as if they were communicating with each other.

Others saw the eerie lights floating above the estate - and one woman has described how a single orange sphere seemed to track her as she walked her dog in Warwick Gates.

Woodloes Avenue resident Amber Merulla, 21, saw the phenomenon in Woodloes with her family.

She said: "Out of my window in Warwick we saw three bright orange lights. At first we thought it was an aeroplane coming towards the house. Then they stopped and made a triangle formation, then a straight line, all evenly spaced.

After moving around for a few seconds, one began to fly away at a steady even speed, the other two then followed.

"We even turned off the television and opened the windows to see if we could hear anything but there was nothing."

The Rangemaster employee added: "All four of us saw it but none of us could think of a reason. We would also all love to know what it was even if it is a hoax, just to make sense of it."

They were not alone. On the other side of Warwick a single lamp appeared at the same time above Warwick Gates. Troilus Court resident Emma Clark, 26, was walking her dog on the cycle path through the estate when she saw an orange glow moving above the rooftops.

She said: "It came straight over the Heathcote pub and was creeping really slowly and silently alongside me.

"It was a very bright orange light and the more you tried to look at it the harder it became to focus on. It was a perfect circle. It went really small at first and then it pulsed three times."

One explanation that has been offered is that the lamps were a home-made hot air balloon, but Mrs Clark says the object did not appear to be affected by wind. She described herself as "very spooked out" by the occurence, as was her Staffordshire terrier Bailey. She added: "The dog ran about three circles on the spot. Every time we have been out since he has looked at the sky."

Warwick man Dave Rist contacted the Courier after seeing the same three lights at around 7.45pm. He said: "One came down towards the ground then as we watched all three disapeared into the sky."

Another to spot the moving lights was Kenilworth man Mark Clayton, who believes he has an explanation. The Malthouse Lane resident wrote: "They are actually paper balloons of about one meter in diameter which have a small fire below them to heat the envelope, enabling them to rise hence the orange appearance.

"I first saw one in Aston Fields near Bromsgrove where a local resident flies them. I was recently on holiday in Lithuania where a relative released such a balloon one evening and it is certainly a delight to watch. I hope this clears up the mystery."