More challenges crossed off for Leamington man trying to help district’s homeless

Steve Atherton with Mick Walter and Helen Willoughby Cooper during his drive a tank challenge.
Steve Atherton with Mick Walter and Helen Willoughby Cooper during his drive a tank challenge.

A man from Leamington has nearly completed half of his 56 challenges to help raise awareness for the homeless.

Steve Atherton, who now lives in Warwick, is taking on the challenges for the year that he is 56.

He is hoping that by taking on the challenges he will raise awareness about the homelessness issue in the Warwick district.

He is also hoping to raise money for Leamington-based charity Helping Hands and the national homeless charity Shelter.

Last weekend Steve completed another challenge by getting to drive a tank.

Steve is now nearly halfway through his challenges, having completed 27. He will be aiming to complete his list of challenges in May.

He said: “As the end of the challenge gets ever closer, the pressure is on now.

“I have now completed 27 challenges and I have another two underway. I am currently taking on a challenge to play a trombone in public in a soul band called Chain of Fools. The gig is on March 31 and I have yet to play a note.

“On Sunday I start my challenge of going 56 days alcohol free (which is much harder than dry January) with day 57 as the day of the London marathon. I will be needing a drink then.

“Next Thursday (March 1) I will be taking on one of my big fears by tackling a climbing wall and by doing abseiling.

“I am currently in the thick of marathon training, which is tough in itself but combining my training with another challenge - running with 56 different people - is making the miles go a lot quicker with a growing list of people wanting to run with me.

“I loved running with David Moorcroft, which was a real treat.”

Some of the challenges Steve has completed so far include: work on a market stall, run a 10k event in fancy dress, eat a raw egg, a blind park run, drive a JCB, drive a tank, run naked in the snow, try a new sport, run a half marathon in fancy dress, host a quiz night, cycle 100k in one day.

To donate to Steve’s fundraising page go to: