Meat, alcohol and clothing stolen in latest thefts across Warwick district

Police are appealing for information.
Police are appealing for information.

A number of items including meat, alcohol and clothing have been stolen from shops across the Warwick District over the last few days.

The first theft (incident number 438 of August 4) happened on Sunday (August 4) where groceries were stolen from a supermarket in Warwick

According to Warwickshire Police, four women who were all reported to be Irish travellers, entered a store in Reardon Court around 8.30pm and put good into their handbags.

It was also reported that when they were challenged as they tried to leave they handed some items back and a staff member was forced aside as they left.

The women were described as all being around 5ft.

Police are currently examining CCTV footage.

Another theft (incident number 453 of August 4) also happened on Sunday evening.

At around 9.10pm a man entered a shop in Radford Road in Leamington and filled a basket with £60 worth of meat and left on a pushbike with the basket.

He has been described as Asian, 6'2" of slim build, wearing a black jumper and black jeans.

Police are currently examining CCTV footage.

The third incident (incident number 230 of August 5) happened at a supermarket in Warwick Road in Kenilworth where more than £1,000 worth of alcohol was stolen.

The thief visited the supermarket twice; at 2.45pm on Sunday (August 4) and at 7.30pm on Monday (August 5)

Both times he entered the store and loaded a trolley with various bottles of spirits. He then leaves the store without any attempt to pay.

In the two visits to the store he has taken spirits to the value of £1,665.

No description is currently available, but police are currently examining CCTV footage.

Another theft (incident number 300 of August 5) happened at a store in the Royal Priors Shopping Centre in Leamington on Monday (August 5).

According to police, at around 3pm four females entered a store in the upper mall with large shopping bags. They then removed price tags and and labels from three pairs of trousers, four hoodies, two coats, six t-shirts and two vests.

Police are currently examining CCTV footage.

Warwickshire Police is appealing for anyone with any information about the above thefts to get in touch.

Anyone with any information should call 101, quoting the incident number given above.

Alternatively information can be given anonymously to Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 or by going to their website by clicking here