Man who fell into Finham Brook claimed woman was with him, but changed story after search

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A man who fell into Finham Brook this weekend claimed a woman also fell in, only to change his story after emergency services searched for her and found no one.

West Midlands Ambulance Service were called to initial reports of a male and a female who fell into the water by Manor Road at just after 9.20pm on Saturday October 21.

But when only the man was found, a search for the apparently missing woman started after he said he thought she had fallen in with him. The man was described as being ‘disorientated’.

A police helicopter with thermal imaging was sent to the scene, along with Warwickshire Fire and Rescue Service.

But a search of the riverbank found no one else.

The man then claimed no woman had fallen into the river with him. He was otherwise uninjured and was dealt with by police.