Lighthorne Heath residents to vote on new parish name

Lighthorne Heath
Lighthorne Heath

The parish of Lighthorne Heath will soon be changing its name with the expected arrival of over 3,000 new homes to the area.

Parish residents were recently mailed letters, which included a ballot they can use to vote on the new name.

Local officials are encouraging people to take part and turn in their ballot by the deadline, which is the same day as the count held at the Lighthorne Heath Village Hall at 6pm on Wednesday September 18.

The parish council has already shortlisted four names for the election, which, include King’s Holt, King’s Meadow, Longbrook and Upper Lighthorne.

Lighthorne Parish Council Chair Ian Campbell said: “The village will still remain as Lighthorne Heath. The only thing that changes is the parish boundary and name, which are almost administrative things.

“It’s because it’s an enlarged area. It has a name that reflects the growth and development of the area.”

Developers have already started work on phase I of the project, which includes 130 new homes on the Lighthorne Heath side of the B4100.

All costs associated with the election are being paid for by the developers not the parish council.

Officials with Stratford District Council will oversee the election. The name with the most votes will be the one adopted.

Residents can drop their ballot in the ballot box located in the village shop, the district council office or post it to the district council office.

Mr Campbell added: “It’s being run as a proper election. It’s very democratic.”