Leyes Lane speed humps ‘ludicrous’, Kenilworth councillor claims

Speed humps could be installed along Leyes Lane
Speed humps could be installed along Leyes Lane

Plans to install speed humps in Leyes Lane outside Kenilworth School were described as ‘ludicrous’ by a Kenilworth town councillor.

At a town council meeting on Thursday February 2, all councillors were in agreement that the 20 mph speed limit proposed by Warwickshire County Council was a good idea.

But opinions were split on the benefit of the five planned speed humps, with some councillors expressing confusion over exactly what might be installed if the plans went ahead.

Cllr Felicity Bunker (Con, Park Hill), was strongly opposed to the idea.

She said: “I’ve no problem with the speed limit on the road - but please, no humps.

“They’re detrimental to the environment and agony for anyone who has back problems. It doesn’t help any nearby residents who are prisoners in their own homes.

“This is even more ludicrous with the likelihood of the school moving.

“The county council should leave the potholes that are already there and they will be equally effective in providing traffic-calming.”

Cllr Richard Hales (Con, Park Hill), who is also a school governor at Kenilworth School, tried to clarify the school’s position on the plans.

He said: “The school were approached around August or September last year. We were informed about five serious accidents in the last two years.

“With the potential school move, anything that improves child safety before the school moves would still be a benefit.”

And Cllr Kate Dickson (Lib Dem, Abbey) said: “We need to remember there’s not just one school there, so it’s really important that we maintain the safety around there. I welcome these measures for the safety of the area.”

Cllr George Illingworth (Con, Abbey), wished to seek reassurance from the county council that the speed humps would go if the school was to move in the next few years, and wished to clarify exactly what was being proposed.

He said the plans say ‘road humps’ initially, but later says they are ‘flat-topped’, which he said was contradictory.

In the end, the town council decided to ask the county council whether it would consider ‘alternative traffic proposals’ instead of installing speed humps.