Leamington town council gives charity helping hand to chaneg people’s minds about learning disabilities

Hannah Delaney (Grapevine Empowerment Worker), with  Laura, Dan, Emma Mold (Grapevine Empowerment Worker) and Amrik.
Hannah Delaney (Grapevine Empowerment Worker), with Laura, Dan, Emma Mold (Grapevine Empowerment Worker) and Amrik.

Thousands of pounds have been awarded by Leamington Town Council to a charity to further help people across Warwickshire who have learning disabilities.

Grapevine was given the £2,000 community grant to produce some short films to go alongside talks it will be doing at schools, colleges and companies to raise awareness and change perceptions among the general public and employers about learning disability .

Laura Bartley is a member of the group and will be making a film about finding somewhere to live that is adapted for her needs as a wheelchair user.

She said, “I think it’s a really good thing that we’ve won this grant because our films will show what people with disabilities want and what they need”.

The charity’s Leamington group is called Grapevine In The Community and it is working closely with the Warwickshire College Talk About Respect project.

One of the talks is due to take place at the college’s Leamington campus while others will take place across the county.

Hannah Delaney, Grapevine empowerment worker, said: “We are extremely proud of the group for winning this award and really looking forward to sharing the films across Leamington and Warwickshire”.

Grapevine Coventry and Warwickshire supports people with a learning disability and other vulnerable people to be more empowered and have better, stronger lives.

In Warwickshire it encourages people to get together at self-advocacy groups to make friends, have fun and have a say about what life and services should be like in the county.

Next week, charity staff and clients will meet a team from ReelEyes Films at leamignton Town Hall to decide what will be in the films and what style they will be shot in.

For more information about Grapevine and its work visit www.grapevinecovandwarks.org