Leamington schoolboy is striving to skate with Team GB

Freddie Wilkin. Picture by Graham Taylor. NNL-160720-134908001
Freddie Wilkin. Picture by Graham Taylor. NNL-160720-134908001

A North Leamington schoolboy is hoping his ice skating talents will gain him his dream place on Team GB.

Freddie Wilkin, 11, only took up the sport two years ago, but he has already competed in numerous national competitions and is coached by Britain’s top professional ice skater Phillip Harris and international coach Kimberley French at Planet Ice in Coventry.

Freddie’s mum Amelia said: “Two-and-a-half years ago I took Freddie to a public session and he loved it.

“After almost nine months of asking me for lessons, I finally gave in.

“He is hoping to get into the British Championships in November and hs ultimate aim is to get into the development squad for Team GB.

“He will have to display certain elements during a competition to qualify - and he has already performed all of them.”

So how did he become so good at ice skating so quickly?

Amelia said: “It’s all down to his hard work and talent. Freddie is a mover and he is determined.

“He goes ice skating before and after school every day and has recently started ballet on ice as well.

“He attends school during normal hours like everyone else, but he gets up at 4.30am to be at the ice rink for 6am and then goes back after school from 4.30pm, sometimes skating until 7pm.

“He loves it. I don’t know why! He has to put in a lot of hours and it is expensive, but he is adamant and he has high targets. He wants to be better than his coach.”

Amelia’s sister Eliza Cook said: “Freddie’s coaches think he has the talent and determination to make it to Team GB. But the cost of ice skating is not cheap and my sister spends up to £800 a month, which excludes boots, costumes, competition fees, travel and accommodation costs. To enable Freddie to fulfil his potential, we are looking for sponsorship or funding.”

Anyone wishing to sponsor Freddie can contact Eliza by email {mailto:elizacook@hotmail.com |elizacook@hotmail.com} or call her on 07951 361446.