Leamington rockers won thousands in TV horror game show Release the Hounds

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Two brothers who outran the hounds on a TV horror game show bagged themselves £12,000 in prize money.

And being true gents they shared it equally with their mate who didn’t manage to beat the pack.

Ash and Steve Maugham, along with Frankie Taylor, took part in the hit ITV2 show Release the Hounds – a comic horror game show. Contestants have to undertake challenges and quests to get their hands on the treasure chest, grab the cash and then run as fast as they can to beat the dogs.

Ash, aged 27, and Steve, 25, both of Woodbine Street, Leamington, so impressed the TV production company that they have already taken part in a comedy panel show with Paddy McGuinness for ITV2.

The company has provided them with an agent and there’s talk of more TV work, said Ash.

The brothers were spotted by the production company when their band Girls that Scream put out a music video on the internet.

Ash said: “They wanted rocker-look brothers and a woman with a similar style to us. We’re rocker-looking – current but alternative.”

The show is filmed in a densely wooded part of Hampshire, where a horror-style forest is created to test the contestants on their brain power and agility to take on the challenges.

The brothers and Frankie, aged 20, of the Parade, Leamington, spent three days on set and had to wear masks during a scene in a bunker with non-toxic gas coming out of it .

“The atmosphere and built-up tension is so great that it’s terrifying. When you are doing the quests your are searching for a key to the chest containing the money.”

Once they get at the money in their three individual quests, worth £6,000 apiece, a siren starts blaring to warn them that the dogs are about to be released.

“Me and Steve outran the dogs but Frankie was brought down, so we only got £12,000. But we’re splitting it equal.”

Ash had a 73-metre headstart on the dogs, Steve, 71 metres, and Frankie 68 metres.

“The heart’s pounding and the adrenaline is pumping – it’s definitely scary.”

Ash said the dogs are trained only to go for red back packs on their protective clothing.

The brothers plans to invest their cash in the band and in a new studio in Southam, moving from The Arches, off Clemens Street, Leamington.

They will also be shooting music videos for bands in a link-up with a TV production company.

Ash added: “The panel show was really good. Paddy McGuinness is hilarious.”

Release the Hounds is scheduled to be shown at 9pm on Monday (October 20).

A screening will be staged at the Robin’s Well bar, by the Loft Theatre.