Leamington Peace Festival committee is recruiting for next year

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Leamington’s Peace Festival Committee is looking for new members to organise and run next year’s event.

Now in it’s 37th year and attended by thousands of people each time, the festival offers volunteers a opportunity to gain experience in running an event of regional importance.

Featuring workshops, peace talks, dance events, two live stages, campaign and charity stalls and vegetarian foods, the festival exists to promote peace, environmental harmony, living in co-operation with others and bringing the people of Leamington together in the setting of the oump Room Gardens.

Committee member Liz Drake said: “This year we’re looking for new members to take the future of the festival forward.

“Without new members, the Peace Festival won’t happen.

“Do you love the Leamington Peace Festival? Do you attend every year? Enjoying the sights and sounds and delicious veggie tastes of the free festival? Would you miss the Peace Festival if it didn’t happen? If you answered ‘yes’ then the committee needs you.”

The committee’s annual meeting will take place at the Brunswick Healthy Living Centre in Shrubland Street on Wednesday from 7.45pm.

Refreshments will be provided.

To find out more about the event visit www.peacefestival.org.uk or email info@peacefestival.org.uk