Leamington Old Town residents ask for clarification on plans to manage influx of students

Warwick District Council NNL-150126-104248001
Warwick District Council NNL-150126-104248001

Concerned Old Town residents have sought clarification as to the plan for the management of the increasing student population in the area.

People living in Charlotte Street and Claremont Road have formed a neighbourhood group and written to Warwick District Council, WArwickshire County Council and Warwikc University asking how ti will be possible to improve and maintain the neighbourhood in light of Alumno’s proposed canal-side development to build accommodation for up to 200 students between Althorpe and Clemens Street.

The letter says: “There is already an over-concentration of students in South Leamington, which is having a serious impact on the community. We assume that the Planning Committees, the University and Alumno itself will want to respect the integrity of the community , and will recognise the value of a broad and balanced social demographic rather than an over-concentration of one group – in this case students.

“We do appreciate the advantages that a world-class university brings to Warwickshire, and recognize the economic benefit and vibrancy that its students and staff bring to Leamington itself. “However, there seems to be an assumption that this small town can absorb ever-increasing numbers of students.”

Chris Elliot, the district council’s chief executive, responded to the residents saying the authority is “acutely aware of the importance of striking the appropriate balance between welcoming students in to the district and managing the impact on neighbourhoods”.

He said the council has been in regular contact with the university which has focused on additional accommodation on campus and encouraging more ‘bespoke’ student accommodation in appropriate locations.

The university is creating a development masterplan while the council is implementing a policy for houses in multiple occupation.