Leamington night shelter looks set to get money needed to refurbish new premises

The current premises for the LWS Night Shelter.
The current premises for the LWS Night Shelter.

Tens of thousands of pounds that a night shelter in Leamington needed to get their new premises up and running is set to be given to them by Warwick District Council.

According to early reports the council will be giving the LWS Night Shelter, which is currently based at the Priors Club in Leamington, money so that they can make the necessary refurbishment work to their new premises on Packington Place.

The council had previously said that the night shelter could use the building if they raised £60,000 to refurbish and renovate the building.

Last week the council came under fire after a Facebook post about the homeless situation and the LWS Night Shelter having to raise £60,000 went viral.

The post, which was created by Steph Atkin, helped raise thousands for the shelter but also sparked comments that the council should have paid for the refurbishment work on the new premises.

Warwick District Council is due to release a statement later today.

More news to follow.