Leamington man served behaviour order for begging

TVP have arrested an 18 year old
TVP have arrested an 18 year old

A man from Leamington has been served a Criminal Behaviour Order for begging.

Mark Miller, of Claire Close, in Leamington was served the order on January 29.

The order will last for two years and prevents Mr Miller from entering Leamington town centre.

It also prevents him from entering an area of the town and sitting down with items placed in front of him so that it is believed that he is begging.

The order also includes positive requirements to engage with local services.

Town Centre Sergeant Allison Wiggin said: “There are numerous services to aid the homeless and vulnerable within Leamington Spa, and every effort is made to get people to engage with them, however those that refuse or have a pattern of not attending will not be left to their own devices, these Criminal Behaviour Orders are designed to break the cycle of offending and get the offenders to engage with the services on offer.”