Leamington estate agents introduces way to reduce number of letting boards in town

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A Leamington estate agent says it has taken heed of residents’ concerns by introducing a way to reduce the number of letting boards for student houses in the town.

Former district councillor Jerry Weber lead a campaign against the town being “swamped” by the boards, which he suspected were being left up on occupied properties to advertise to prospective tenants for forthcoming terms.

In a letter to agents asking them to “stop this practice, Mr Weber said: “Unfortunately, the rash of boards at this time of year does two things to the town.

“They produce an unacceptable level of unattractive intrusions into the urban landscape which mars the look of our beautiful town.

“The other reason is that these boards also remind many people of the detrimental effect that student homes have had on their community.

“Do they really need reminding through the vast quantity of these boards of the damage that the over-density of student houses has had on their lives? I feel it adds insult to injury for these residents.”

Studenthomes at Tara & Co Estate and Letting agents says it has ‘engaged’ with those who shared Mr Weber’s concerns.

Manager David French, has also discussed the issue with Mr Weber in a live radio broadcast,

From later this year students will be able to link directly from their smartphone to property details on the Studenthomes website via an inconspicuous scannable ‘QR’ code placed at the front of the property.

Mr French said “We want to do what we can to reduce any negative feelings local residents have towards students and want to try and promote the idea that they can live harmoniously together within the same community, this is just a small step towards that, whilst also helping the students in their search for accommodation.”

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