Leamington charity founder’s legacy lives on in Indian school - but more funds needed

The Gilly Mundy Memorial Community School in India.
The Gilly Mundy Memorial Community School in India.

The legacy of former Campion School pupil and Leamington man Gilly Mundy, who died in 2007, lives on as a charity he founded continues to make progress.

The Gilly Mundy Memorial Community School in the village of Lehrian in the Haryana district of India now has more than 600 pupils, 32 teachers and 21 support staff and work on building a third floor of the school has recently been completed.

The school was set up and and is maintained by the Buwan Kothi International Trust (BKIT), a charity to support Haryana’s rural communities that Gilly founded just a year before his sudden death. He was 36 when he died.

Gilly’s father, Leamington town councillor Mota Singh, has recently returned from a trip to see the school. He said: “There is a strong demand from the local community to move the school to senior secondary level. But to reach this standard we need more buildings. We would like to build these in the next few months, but as usual the cost - around £40,000 - holds us back.”

Cllr Singh said the school is in need of space for dedicated areas for science, computer learning, maths and languages, as well as qualified teachers. The total cost for the project is likely to be £100,000.

BKIT is also working on building a community resources centre, but work on this is unable to begin until the school is complete.

Over the past six years since Gilly’s death, the trust in the UK has raised more than £250,000. Cllr Singh said: “Our sincere thanks go to all those who have generously donated over the years. I know that if you visit the school, you will be most inspired and pleased with what your kind donations have achieved.

“Please give generously to raise the funds we need to help us to complete the project.”

Anyone wishing to help can call Cllr Singh on 315613 or email cllrsingh@gmail.com