Leamington beauty queen follows in her mother’s footsteps

Natalie Nason
Natalie Nason

A beauty queen from Leamington is following in her family’s footsteps.

Natalie Nason has been crowned Miss Rugby - 30 years after her mother, Andrea, won the title of Leamington Carnival Queen.

The 21-year-old was chosen ahead of her other competitors at the event on January 10 at Dunchurch Park Hotel in Dunchurch.

The gymnastics and cheerleading coach said: “I chose to do the competition to help with my confidence.

“I used to get bullied all the way through primary school and a few years through secondary.

“I managed to push through it all and make myself feel better.

“It all went back downhill when I had an operation on my face and the scar didn’t heal properly which made me feel horrible as people would walk past and stare.

“By doing this competition my confidence will grow and hopefully be a role model to other girls or boys out there to make themselves feel good enough.”

By winning the Miss Rugby title, Natalie will now go forward to the grand finals for Miss England.