Leamington-based anti-litter campaign giving people a 'nudge' on how they get rid of their rubbish

One of the Now or Never campaign stickers. Photo supplied.
One of the Now or Never campaign stickers. Photo supplied.

Clean up Britain’s Leamington-based anti-litter campaign Now or Never is giving people a ‘nudge’ over how they go about getting rid of their rubbish.

The campaign, for which the Leamington Courier is a partner, is giving away free stickers for residents to put on their domestic wheelie bins so they can be displayed on collection days.

Ange Owen of Clean Up Britain said: “We want as many people as possible to wheel these out every rubbish/recycling day.

“This wheelie bin sticker is a nudge to make people stop and think before they litter.

“Litter is a bad habit and people who litter don’t give it a second thought as to the impacts of what they are doing. So let’s remind them.”

The campaign hopes that the ‘PickUP2’ sticker is also a pledge by the householder to join the fight against litter by picking up at least two pieces a day - from the street, local park or country walk - and encourage others to do the same.

“These are easy, simple actions to take but done en masse are effective at shifting our rather anti-social/environment degrading littering culture towards one of social cooperation - one step at a time,” said Ange.

The stickers are free and available at Leamington Town Hall’s reception area and also at The Golden Monkey Tea Company in Smith Street, Warwick.

Ange added: “These stickers are for private wheelie bins only and must be placed with consent of the owner. Please do not place on public bins, areas or street furniture - they’ll be removed and that’s a waste.”

To find out more about the Now Or Never Campaign visit the website blog www.itsnowornever.org.uk or follow the campaign on Facebook by searching for @streetactivistsleam or for @NowOrNever_UK on Twitter.