Kickstarter campaign for third Leamington Underground Cinema Festival

Leamington Underground Cinema Festival
Leamington Underground Cinema Festival

The organisers of the third Leamington Underground Cinema Festival are appealing for people to donate money to support the event.

They are running a {Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign online|} to help meet the costs of putting on eight packed days of film based events at venues around the town.

Rewards are being offered for anyone who pledges a minimum of £3 to the cause with the level of reward increasing depending on the amount given including including limited edition artwork, passes for entry to all events at the festival, official personalised LUC job titles and certificates andthe opportunity for someone to become the King or Queen of the festival and be treated like royalty for the week.

This festival, which takes place from November 7 to 14, has already attracted lots of attention.

Its Facebook event page has more than 700 people listed as attending and the Short Film Prize competition has attracted entrants from 25 different countries.

The full programme of events will be announced at the end of the month, but the organisers have already announced the UK’s first screening acclaimed independent drama Wildlike, a ‘Secret Cinema’ style immersive screening of the dark vampire comedy What We Do In The Shadows including live music at The Drawing Board, a ‘Masochist Film Club’ screening of a brilliantly terrible movie at The Townhouse, a horror film screening in an especially spooky location, Don Hertzfeldt’s Sundance Festival winner World Of Tomorrow plus the mind-bending epic Southland Tales at the Spa Centre Cinema and the screening of the Short Film prize winning entry at the Spa Centre at the event’s closing party.

The deadline set for Kickstarter pledges to reach £2,500 is Sunday August 30 at 10pm.

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