Kenilworth women pass out crochet hearts with messages of hope for World Kindness Day

Hearts for World Kindness Day by the Take Heart Project
Hearts for World Kindness Day by the Take Heart Project

Sometimes the smallest gesture can make the biggest difference in a person's day.

As part of World Kindness Day two Kenilworth women dropped off 170 handmade multi-coloured crocheted hearts to dozens of businesses in town to be given away today (Wednesday November 13).

Louise Scrivener, who delivered the hearts with Deb Locke, said: “We went into the shops and asked them to leave out some hearts for people. We just thought it would be really nice to spread a little bit of love."

They gave away packs of five hearts with a note explaining World Kindness Day.

Louise added: “We went to 27 shops and we told them it's World Kindness next week and we told them we have a project where we give out hearts."

The note provided five ideas on how to make kindness the norm in a person's life. The ideas ranged from just giving a co-worker or friend a compliment to buying the person behind you in the queue a coffee or cup of tea.

Louise added: “It can be something that you plan or it can just be a random act of kindness. We just trying to do something nice. It's just about giving something back and doing something positive.”

Giving away the crochet hearts is part of the Take Heart Project, which Louise started earlier this year. Three other women, Deb Locke, Sharon Sully and Sally Mortimer, help her run the project.

The project involves leaving hearts around Kenilworth for people to find as a way of cheering them up.

So far they have made and left out more than 9,000 crochet hearts for people to find.

She added: “All of hearts have the message 'You are not alone.' That's the message that we're trying to get out there that even when you're kind of at your lowest you are not alone.”

A crowdfunding web page has been set up to pay for the cost of posting the hearts out to people.

Anyone wishing to help and take part in the Take Heart Project and share the love can get in touch via her Instagram page @takeheartxo, or can visit her fundraising page.

She added: “We have people all over the UK who make us hearts, and write us labels. The whole thing is an act of kindness. I think we have over 30 people who make hearts for us.

“Some of them are people I've never met. They make hearts and send them to me in the post.”