Kenilworth woman launches series of Kenilworth landmark paintings

Leanne Simmons sitting next to a print of the first in the Kenilworth landmarks series
Leanne Simmons sitting next to a print of the first in the Kenilworth landmarks series

A Kenilworth woman has launched a series of water colour paintings of Kenilworth landmarks.

Leanne Simmons has recently finished painting eight landmark places of the town, and has plans to continue the series.

Leanne's favourite in the series is also the first one she painted, which was of the iconic Kenilworth Clock Tower.

She said: “My series of Kenilworth watercolour paintings started with my painting of Kenilworth Clock Tower, where I enjoyed capturing a usual, sunny weekday on our main street through town with our pretty clock tower in the foreground.

“It glimpses at the busy main street shops and people carrying out their errands in the beautiful town we are blessed to live in.”

Other paintings in the series include the Kenilworth War Memorial, St Nicholas Church, Kenilworth Castle, Castle Green, Castle Hill, The National Provincial Bank (set in 1960s) and The Virgins and Castle Pub.

The KWN published a photo gallery of the paintings.

Leanne added: “Once I'd painted Kenilworth Clock Tower I was absolutely addicted and decided to capture our wonderful War Memorial monument, in advance of Remembrance Day.

“It's easy to find inspiration in such a pretty town with such amazing history all around us.

She started her watercolour painting with animals, including a penguin, an owl and one entitled the 'Blushing Fox.'

Leanne added: “I have always sketched using pencil and charcoal since I was younger, but only recently began to paint with watercolours.

“I'm self-taught with watercolours and love them as a medium because of their light and their unpredictability, which can give beautiful results.”

All of Leanne's paintings are for sale.

Leanne will soon be showing her paintings online with Arts Trail Studios, a gallery in The Royal Priors in Leamington.

Leanne also runs an Etsy business, which centres around a wood engraving and personalising gifts called Wild Geese that Fly.

People can view Leanne's latest paintings on her Facebook page:

Leanne is also selling hand painted charity Christmas cards, which feature her owl, penguin and robin animal series. Some proceeds for the cards will go to the Inspired by Keira charity, which promotes organ donation.

Anyone interested in the paintings or charity cards they can contact Leanne via email: