Kenilworth mince pie competition raises £600 for Toilet Twinning charity

Anne Chrimes
Anne Chrimes

A mince pie making competition held at the Kenilworth Cricket Club raised £600 for charity.

Sam Chrimes organised the competition held on Sunday November 17 in memory of his wife, Anne Chrimes, who was well known in Kenilworth for her mince pie recipe. She died earlier this year from blood cancer Myeloma on Friday February 1.

Sam said: “Anne was a very charitable, kind and caring person. She was a great cook who made fabulous mince pies every Christmas."

The money raised will help Sam be able to fund the twinning of 10 toilets with the Toilet Twinning charity.

Anne had become quite keen on the toilet twinning charity, and as a couple they had funded the twinning of two toilets.

Sam said: “Toilet Twinning very quickly became of interest to Anne when she heard a radio interview with a young woman from a third world country. It costs only £60 to provide a basic structure, but they also learn about sanitation and the importance of hand washing.”

Sam also sold Anne's recipes for £2 each.

The Best Mince Pie contest was judged by six independent judges and the winner was Bella Heran, a former colleague of Anne’s from Kenilworth School.

Bella has been given a framed photograph of their ‘Toilet No 1’ and will shortly receive a framed certificate which was designed by another of Anne’s former colleagues.

The remaining mince pies were given to Waverley Day Centre for their clients to enjoy.

Sam said: "The afternoon surpassed all of my expectations, everyone who attended had a great time meeting up with some of Anne’s other friends, they bought cards, paid for Tea and Coffee and generally behaved in a very generous manner.

"She would be so pleased and hugely grateful to everyone who ‘did their bit’."