Kalsi tipped for a bright future after starting out aged just ten

Jaya Kalsi with coach Roy Thornton at her competitive debut.
Jaya Kalsi with coach Roy Thornton at her competitive debut.

Cleary’s boxer Jaya Kalsi became one of the youngest female boxers to fight competitively after taking to the ring in Weston-Super-Mare less than three weeks after her tenth birthday.

A recent rule change has allowed ten-year-olds to box in one-minute rounds and the All Saints School pupil took on hometown boxer Hollie Main.

Aman Kumar and Morgan Ansell.

Aman Kumar and Morgan Ansell.

In a close contest, Kalsi appeared to land the cleaner shots but it was Main who took it on a split decision.

Nevertheless, head coach Edwin Cleary predicted a bright future for the youngster.

“Jaya has taken to boxing like a duck to water, shocking boys and their coaches in sparring,” said Cleary.

“Saturday night Jaya demonstrated she is a star in the making.

“She has it all. Technique, great balance, strength, determination and desire.

“She does all this with a smile on her face.”

He added: “Her mum told us she took her trophy to bed on Saturday night and keeps asking for a rematch.”

Cleary is also excited by the potential of 13-year-old Southam College boxer Reni Bulyka.

Bulyka produced an eyecatching dislpay in a skills bout on Saturday night and Cleary said he is more than ready to make his competitive debut on the club’s home show on December 14.

“This lad’s ready to go,” he said. “He’s not been in the gym that long but he travels the country for sparring, listens and works hard.”

The two boxers will be aiming to follow in the footsteps of Aman Kumar and Morgan Ansell who were training with the England camp at the weekend.

Cleary added: “As a coach every time a youngster who attends your gym develops to become a boxer you feel a sense of pride.

“But when you have two with England, somebody’s doing something right.”