HS2: new measures a “disgrace” say protestors

HS2 stock image PNL-161002-115346001
HS2 stock image PNL-161002-115346001

Protesters against a 
high-speed rail line near 
Leamington said measures put forward by the new 
Government are a “disgrace”.

HS2 continues to attract criticism after Prime Minister Theresa May promised her Government would continue to support the high-speed rail line (HS2) linking London and Birmingham.

The new Government also promised revised compensation packages for those affected - which includes residents in Cubbington.

Peter Delow, of the Cubbington Action Group Against HS2, said HS2 was described as “overly ambitious” in a recent report by the House of Commons Committee of Public Accounts - and the Chairman of the House of Commons Treasury Committee said the proposal has “the weakest economic case of all the projects within the infrastructure programme”.

Campaigners have also criticised the £70 million funds being announced to support communities along the HS2 route. The money is made of three separate funds - the HS2 Community and Environment Fund, the Business and Local Economy Fund, which together total £40m, and a £30m road safety fund. Warwickshire will share a £15 million slice of the £40 million part of the funds with Buckinghamshire and Staffordshire. Stop HS2 campaign manager Joe Rukin, who lives in Kenilworth, said: “The £70 million fund for communities which has been ‘announced’ includes £30 million which was already on the table, and is far less than would normally be required for developments under Section 106 agreements and infrastructure levies. If this fund was being allocated under normal rules, £70 million wouldn’t even cover Camden. To try and suggest less than £500,000 per mile is generous is a disgrace.”

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