How long will the warm weather in Warwickshire last?

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Warwickshire, like much of the country, has of late been enjoying uncharacteristically pleasant weather - but how long is it likely to last?

In Rugby tonight, Friday February 22, the temperature is expected to gently lower from 10C at 7pm to 7C at midnight.

Saturday and Sunday in Rugby look set to be dry and relatively warm - with highs of 12C for Saturday and Sunday.

Rugbeians will have to control their envy on Saturday and Sunday - when Leamington and Warwick are predicted to bake in dizzying highs of 13C.

Kenilworth looks set for a Saturday with a high of 13C, while Sunday is likely to bring a high of 12C.

Monday morning looks set to spare those of us in the area the trouble of scraping ice off our windscreens -with the Met Office predicting temperatures will not drop below freezing on Sunday night.

Although this dry, settled period of weather is set to continue during the end of the month, more turbulent weather could occur at the beginning of March, with more wet and windy weather.

The Met Office said: “The largely dry, sunny and mild conditions are likely to continue until the end of February, although rain and strong winds will affect the northwest at times. “Temperatures may gradually become closer to normal. Any spells of rain will tend to weaken as they move southeast, just bringing cloudier skies.

“Overnight frosts are still possible with mist and fog patches too. By early March we are more likely to see Atlantic fronts crossing the whole of the UK bringing stronger winds and rain at times.”

The Met Office UK outlook for Friday 8 March to Friday 22 March said: “There are signals for Atlantic fronts to cross the whole of the UK, bringing a mixture of wet and windy weather to many parts, but also intermittent drier spells.”