Helping slum children has ‘humbled’ Warwick dad

Martin Nwangwa in Uganda.
Martin Nwangwa in Uganda.

Children living in slums in Uganda were given Christmas gifts and laptops to use at school, thanks in part to the hard work invested by a Warwick business owner.

Martin Nwangwa, who with his wife runs a Forever Living Products company selling aloe vera products, has sponsored more than 40 children and visited their homes in the Katanga slums in Uganda through the charity Help Africa.

Martin travelled with eight of his colleagues and the group threw a Christmas party for around 390 children. They handed out gifts - including books, clothes, shoes and day-to-day items. Martin also arranged the gift of some second-hand laptops for the school.

On returning from the trip Martin, father to two sons himself, said: “It’s been fantastic to work with others in Forever in this way and to really be making a difference to these children’s lives.

“It was such a humbling experience. Having seen it first hand has made me even more determined to do more. I realise how very privileged we are in this country and how easy it is to take for granted the basics of running fresh water and education for our children.”