Myton Hospices launch all-night care for patients

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A Warwick-based charity has helped Myton Hospices extend its round-the-clock palliative care.

Myton, which helps to provide palliative care and support for more than 1,000 patients and their families, is now able to extend its at-home services thanks to a charitable donation.

The hospices received a donation from The Charity of Thomas Oken and Nicholas Eyffler, which is based in Warwick and is dedicated to helping residents in need of accommodation.

The donation will fund one of two nursing assistants for three years, who will be on hand in the Leamington and Warwick area to provide care that may be needed during the night.

The extended service means carers can get much-needed rest and sleep.

Myton Hospices first started the at-home service in Rugby during 2011 and in 2013 extended it to cover Leamington and Warwick.

Previously, the nurses were only able to provide care from 8am to 4pm.

The extension of the at- home service will help patients and family get more care and support towards end of life.

Dr Ann Thurley, a trustee of the charity, said: “The charity has always known that Myton Hospices has delivered the very best palliative care for life-threatening and terminal illnesses and therefore we are delighted to be of help and support by funding a night carer and providing not only care for the patient but support for their families and loved ones in their own homes.”

The hospices’ at-home service is provided to patients free of charge and is completed funded by donations to the charity.

Ruth Freeman, chief executive officer of Myton Hospices, said: “The Charity of Thomas Oken and Nicholas Eyffler’s generous donation demonstrates its commitment to Myton and the work we do.

“At Myton, we are dedicated to meeting our patients’ needs so we are delighted to be extending our services so that more patients and their loved ones can receive care and support throughout the night in the comfort of their own home.

“We believe it is extremely important to give patients more choice about where they spend their final days and this type of funding helps us make huge strides in making this happen – we are extremely grateful for the support.”