Huge increases in Warwick Hospital patients

Warwick Hospital
Warwick Hospital

Warwick Hospital is feeling the strain after a dramatic increase in patients.

Hospital bosses are now pleading with the public to think carefully before using its Accident and Emergency (A&E) service.

Last week, the hospital admitted an additional 62 adult emergency patients above its expected intake - about two -and-a-half wards.

This is in line with the increase West Midlands Ambulance are reporting - on Saturday January 2 they saw a 15.4 per cent increase in calls across Coventry and Warwickshire.

Several hospitals across the country have declared ‘major incidents’ as the NHS capacity reached unprecedented levels this week.

Warwick Hospital said the public can help them by only coming to the A&E department if it is an emergency.

A spokesperson said: “Since the Christmas and New Year break there have been increasing numbers coming to Accident and Emergency departments when they do not have an emergency or life threatening situation.

“Patients with flu-like symptoms, sickness, earaches and diarrhoea are presenting at hospital despite there being other services that are more suited to deal with these. Minor injuries or illnesses which include small cuts, coughs and colds can be best dealt with by visiting a GP, walk-in or urgent care centre.

“NHS111 is available 24 hours a day, they are able to assess symptoms and direct to the local service that can provide the most help.

“Making an unnecessary visit to the Emergency Department takes hospital teams away from their role which is to help those with life threatening situations.

“All patients attending an emergency department will receive an initial assessment on arrival and those with minor complaints could face extended waits of four hours or more.”

Dr Jyothi Nippani, associate medical director for emergency care at South Warwickshire NHS Foundation Trust, which runs Warwick Hospital, said: “All hospitals in the area are asking for support from the public to help ease the pressure on our A&E departments.

“There is the misconception that coming to an emergency department will mean you are seen quickly when the actual reality is for minor concerns patients are experiencing long waits.”