Have your say on future of the Pump Room Gardens in Leamington

Archie Pitts.
Archie Pitts.

Volunteers will be out in force at the start of the Leamington Lantern Parade on December 11 seeking views on the future of the Pump Room Gardens.

It is part of a town-wide consultation being carried out by the Friends of the Pump Room Gardens – part of the bid to get money from the Heritage Lottery Fund to restore the park.

It is estimated that nearly £1 million will be needed to restore the bandstand, improve paths, the York Road bridge, lighting and drainage, replant trees, and plant wildflowers and grasses on the river bank.

Archie Pitts, chairman of the friends group, said: “We want to get it restored to its past glory and we want to get it used more. The bandstand should be the focal point but it’s now a very sad sight.”

He said the friends would also like to see community groups using the gardens and more use in conjunction with the library and art gallery.

As part of the cash bid a calendar of events and activities will be drawn up over five years and if the Heritage Lottery Fund approves the grant, work will begin in 2016.

He said: “We want to know what people like about the gardens, what they dislike and how often they use them. At this stage nothing is ruled in or ruled out.”

The bid is a joint project with Warwickshire County and Warwick District councils.

Mr Pitts said they are seeking more to help with the consultation, adding: “The more volunteers helping with the surveys the more likely our proposal will be successful.”

To take part in the survey, or help with it, as well as assisting with website and social media communications, go to www.pumproomgardens.org.uk, twitter @pumproomgardens or contact pumproomgardens@gmail.com