Hatton Adventure World wants support for a new giant slide

Hatton Adventure World
Hatton Adventure World

More than 200 people have shown their support for a new giant slide at Hatton Adventure World and its owners are asking visitors and people living nearby to follow suit.

Having initially been turned down due to ‘unacceptable development of the green belt’, Warwick District Council will be re-considering the merit of the attraction (following some revisions) at a planning meeting next week.

Reducing the height of the slide from 40ft to 34ft and creating a grassy mound to house the new attraction, it is hoped that permission will be granted.

Jonnie Arkwright, owner of Hatton Country World, said: “We, more than anyone, understand the importance of maintaining the green belt in this country – however turning down what is essentially a grassy mound doesn’t make much sense to us.

“The attraction would take the place of our Maize Maze and would be enjoyed by the hundreds of children who visit Hatton on a frequent basis.

“This is a significant investment which we hope will result in an increase in visitor numbers, which have been declining over recent years.”

In planning documents submitted as part of the new application, bosses expressed their fears that the park, despite being popular now, will suffer in the future if it cannot gain permission to improve.