Ghost hunters heading to Warwick Castle this month

Photo from Sage Paracon.
Photo from Sage Paracon.

Ghost hunters from paranormal TV shows will be taking over Warwick Castle this month.

Star of Syfy’s Haunted Collector John Zaffis - who is nephew to the couple who investigated the case of which the film The Conjuring is based on as well – will be one of many TV show stars leading a ghost hunt of the medieval castle.

He will be joined by Jeff Belanger from the show Ghost Adventures - which airs on channel Really, Robert Murch – leading specialist on Ouija Boards and owner of the Ouija Board Museum based in Colorado and several other well known paranormal researchers.

The tour is part of an event organised by paranormal investigator and founder of Sage Paranormal, MJ Dickson, after she spotted what she believes to be a ghost in the building.

The 32 year-old took a picture of an information board in the Kenilworth bedroom – which is rumoured to be the most haunted room in the castle.

The board told of a South African spiritualist who raised a girl from the dead as well as the story of the most infamous occultist Aleister Crowley who held séances in the castle along with the countess of Warwick.

But when MJ looked back at the snap she saw a spooky reflection in the image. Although she does not know who it is, the castle is supposedly haunted by an old lady who drifts along the corridors from room to room.

And now she is hoping to see the spirit again during the ghostly investigation at the castle.

Inspired to find out more she has organised a convention called Sage Paracon in the building, bringing together paranormal enthusiasts from around the world.

She said: “Seeing the man in the picture was a real shock and I’m hoping during the investigation we get chance to make contact with him.

“This is a real opportunity for people from first-time ghost hunters to paranormal experts to join us on a hunt of the castle and see what or who we come across.

“The lectures are interesting and the VIP Party will be loads of fun.”

The convention is now in its second year and will also include guest talks from Russell Edwards – the man who believes he has solved the case of Jack the Ripper, Paranormal Investigator and author of “The Haunted Harlequin” – Nikki Folsom as well as Psychic Medium Claire Hinks, Paranormal Detective Greg Lawson and Dr. Rev. David Parry.

There is a lot going on over the weekend including a “Supernatural TV Show” Themed VIP party, paranormal lectures, stalls, game shows and the chanceto see the Chevrolet Impala used in the hit TV series ‘Supernatural’.

The event takes place at Warwick Castle from September 22 to 24 and there are only a few tickets left to join the stars from several hit paranormal shows for a Ghostly VIP weekend like no other.

MJ is offering fellow paranormal teams a “Team Discount” as well as a group discount for those wanting to join in the fun with their friends.

Visit to find out more or book tickets.