Fundraising campaign launched to buy defibrillator for Kenilworth neighbourhood


A Kenilworth man has launched a campaign to raise money to buy a defibrillator for the Kenilworth Common neighbourhood of town.

Ananda Roy, who lives near Kenilworth Common, started the campaign last month and by setting up Just Giving page.

So far £240 has been raised toward the £2,000 target to buy the defibrillator for the common area of town.

Mr Roy said: “In 2005, I lost both my parents to cardiac arrests within months of each other at home. In both cases, the emergency services did their very best, but as I did not have CPR training, and no access to a defibrillator, I was not able to help in the crucial minutes before the emergency services arrived.”

For more information including how to donate see the Just Giving page.

The proposed defibrillator will be installed at the North end of the Kenilworth Common serving visitors to the Common and residents of Common Lane, Fennyland Lane and the adjoining areas.

The defibrillator will be accessible via the 999 emergency services, and is in support of the Kenilworth HeartSafe campaign to get defibrillators installed around Kenilworth. The defibrillator will be positioned near the Common, Common Lane and Fennyland Lane.

Mr Roy said: "Working together, we are aiming to have this AED installed and available for public use by Christmas 2019."

Keith Grierson, the founders of Kenilworth Heartsafe, said: “I have had correspondence and conversations with Ananda and he naturally has the support of Kenilworth HeartSafe in this matter.

“It does not matter who promotes the increased number of AEDs we are all on the same side with the same ambition - to make Kenilworth HeartSafe.”

Kenilworth HeartSafe operates under the umbrella of Warwickshire Hearts, which is a Registered Charity. They aim to have a defibrillator accessible 24 hours a day within 400m of every Kenilworth resident.

When cardiac arrest occurs the chances of survival are less than five per cent without immediate CPR and defibrillation.

With a defibrillator being used on a patient combined with effective CPR, the odds of survival can be increased dramatically. Survival rates drop seven to 10 per cent for every minute without appropriate CPR and defibrillator support, and permanent brain damage can be incurred within 10 minutes.