Fundraising appeal for Leamington dog’s new hip

Dougie the sheepdog needs a new hip.
Dougie the sheepdog needs a new hip.

A dog owner from Leamington has launched an online appeal to raise money to pay for a vital but expensive operation for her cherished pet.

Amy Gannon’s nine-month-old Old English Sheepdog, Dougie, needs a hip replacement that will cost an estimated £6,000 or he could soon be unable to walk.

Amy has set up a page on GoFundMe,a popular fundraising website, which has already raised more than £900 in less than a month from dog lovers in the area, as well as anonymous benefactors from around the world.

“I have been touched and overwhelmed by the support we have received so far,” said Amy, a data administrator who lives in Radford Semele.

“At first we were quoted £9,000 for a hip replacement for Dougie. We were then fortunate to find an alternate orthopaedic specialist who has now quoted us £6,000, which will cover the cost of the operation and aftercare.

“But that’s still a lot of money for any family to find and we are so grateful for all the contributions we have received.”

Comments from donors to Amy’s fundraising page on GoFundMe include: “I really hope you reach your target”, “Dougie is a beautiful dog and he deserves a chance at a healthy future” and “Would donate more if I had a job”.

Amy bought Dougie from a breeder in Wales when he was two months old. Shortly after bringing him home, she and her boyfriend Alex noticed that he would get tired easily when going for walks.

Amy, who owns two other dogs, said: “We were informed by the vet, following scans, X-rays and consultations which used up pretty much all of Dougie’s pet insurance money, that he unfortunately suffered a severe trauma to his rear end, possibly during birth or within the days after.

“This has left him with a broken left leg, a deformed lump in his left hip socket and no socket at all in his right hip. Without surgery and a new hip, he will put too much strain on his legs and the use of his legs will diminish.”

She added: “Dougie is such a happy and loving dog and the thought that he could lose the use of his legs is devastating.

“There are a lot of online scams but I hope people can see that we are genuine and that we are simply trying to do our best for our puppy.

“As any owner will tell you, your pet dog is like a member of the family.”

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