Football stadium among last minute changes to Local Plan

Warwick District Council
Warwick District Council

A ‘community football stadium’ near Myton School is among some last minute changes to the Local Plan being put forward by Warwick District Council.

The council is seeking the views of residents on a number of proposed changes to the new Local Plan before it is submitted to the Secretary of State.

The changes include allocating an alternative employment site on land off Stratford Road, Warwick, which will replace land earmarked for jobs north of Gallows Hill, Warwick. The Gallows Hill site would then be assigned for additional housing and a community football stadium.

The council says the changes will bring sports facilities closer to Myton School, with the aim of providing the community with a sporting hub. There is no mention yet whether the football stadium would provide a permanent home to any local club.

At the same time the council is also asking for views on the option of a Gypsy and traveller site which has been proposed on land off Stratford Road, Warwick. The council is also publishing additional supporting evidence which was not available when the Draft Local Plan was open to public consultation earlier this year and is inviting new comments on this.

The consultation period starts tomorrow (Friday) and ends on December 12. To view the documents or make representations visit the Warwick District Council website