Feature: Warwick artist puts you face to face with horror thrillers

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Halloween may be long gone but for a Warwick body paint artist the new year is full of opportunities.

Sophie Twiddly is a member of the UK Body Paint League and regularly exhibits her work at venues all over the country alongside artists who have provided make-up for sci-fi films, Harry Potter and sometimes gruesome wartime epics.

It’s all a long way from the sort of face painting the average 30-year-old mother-of-three might get up to.

But Sophie loves it and is both excited, and nervous, about an invitation to teach for three days in Belgium later this year alongside world bodypainting champion Matteo Arfanotti.

She said: “I first began face painting after a friend suggested it as she knew I was artistic. Then another friend’s daughter was diagnosed with cancer and I realised it would be a useful way of helping to raise money for a less aggressive form of treatment.

“Sadly the little girl lost her battle just after her third birthday but I’ve carried on occasionally painting faces and custom-made shoes for other charities and good causes.”

“I’m now hoping this is just a start of an interesting and colourful career that I can really get even more involved in as my own children get older.”

Ever since she started taking the whole art form more seriously, Sophie’s life has already become a bit of a whirlwind with competitions and commissions.

You won’t find her work on show in the local shops.

But you can view it online by visiting sophie_twiddly on instagram and fantasy faces Warwickshire on Facebook.