Executive agree Leamington Pump Room could attract reinvestment

Warwick District Council’s executive committee agreed on Wednesday that the Royal Pump Room could become the lynchpin of a privately-run scheme to create a new cultural and creative quarter in Leamington, as we revealed last week.

Councillors have been told that having a stake in the Pump Room, which houses the art gallery, museum and library, is likely to be the best way of interesting private developers in investing in the run-down Spencer Yard and land running down to the River Leam.

The building would not be sold and the museum and art gallery would remain.

A decision on relocating the council’s headquarters from Riverside House to the front of the Royal Spa Centre theatre was been deferred until after the May elections.

In the meantime council officers have been asked to amend a shortlist of potential sites to include any new, alternative properties should they become available.